Piano Giveaway

Sunnyside has declared multiple pianos as surplus. If you would like to enter a drawing for them please click on the following link for further information and guidelines. This is for Sunnyside Parent-Guardians only. https://5il.co/17jhx.

Sunnyside ha declarado varios pianos como excedentes. Si desea participar en un sorteo para ellos, haga clic en el siguiente enlace para obtener más información y pautas. Esto es solo para padres y tutores de Sunnyside. https://5il.co/17jhx


Piano #1  - Agripina Valdovinos
Piano #2 - Sindi Prado
Piano #3 - Rocelia Orozco

Thank you to all who participated in the drawing for the surplus pianos  Pianos must be picked up by Friday, April 8 (12:00 pm) or they will be placed back into the drawing.