Joe Lopez
Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

Lisa Gonzalez
Bus Driver/Operations

Richard Miranda
Bus Driver/Operations/Instructional Aide/Coach/Athletic Director

Miguel Guajardo
Bus Driver/Operations

Brian Roberts
Bus Driver/Operations

Kelly Lloyd

Diane Jayroe
Custodial Services

David Martinez
Custodial Services

Sunnyside operates buses for students living within the school district boundaries. All students are required to follow bus and school rules while on the bus or at bus stops.

Pupil transportation presents a problem of safety which requires state regulations and control. The state regulations must be followed in such things as design of bus, color, operations, and equipment. The bus drivers must hold a bus driver‘s license, which are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Everything possible is done to make the bus safe, but unfortunately a law cannot be passed that will guarantee the children will comply with their part of the program to make the bus safe. Now and then children either do not or will not comply with the bus regulations.

Failures to comply with the safety regulations on the bus will result in the suspension of bus privileges for your child. If a child or children insists on disobeying the driver or creating a disturbance, the bus driver is instructed to tell the child he will not be transported to school the following day and discuss the incident with the superintendent. A result of the discussion may be to permit the child the privileges of riding the bus again. A second offense will result in the child being denied bus privileges and the parents must appear before the District Governing Board or designee before transportation privileges can be extended to the child. Students waiting at bus stops are to refrain from fighting, pushing, shoving or throwing rocks or clods.