Perfect Attendance
Perfect attendance is recognized at the end of each trimester and for those who attend all 180 school days.

Sunnyside Pride
A boy and girl selected by each classroom teacher. This is awarded to the best all around student and citizen in the class.

Character Awards
This award recognizes students who exhibit the pillars of good character (Honesty, Integrity, etc.)

Honor Roll
Awarded on a trimester basis to those students who maintain a 3.0 GPA in the core/state mandated academic subjects.

Principal’s Honor Roll
Awarded to students who maintain a 4.0 on ALL graded subjects. This also is a trimester award.

Accelerated Reader
Awarded at each trimester, the award goes to students who reach or surpass their designated Accelerated Reader goal.

Athlete of the Year
Given to the top male and female athlete. This award is given during the 8th grade graduation ceremony.

Most Improved Student
Given to the top three most improved students in the 8th grade. Awarded during graduation. This award was established by former Superintendent Robert Serbian.

American Legion
The award of awards for the 8th grade. This award recognizes the top two students who have exhibited not only academic excellence, but superior behavior, participation in community with honesty and integrity. This is given at the 8th grade graduation ceremony and is sponsored by American Legion Post 128 in Lindsay.

Sportsman of the Year
This award acknowledges maybe not the best athlete, but honors the student who demonstrates the concepts of team and sportsmanship to the highest level. Sportsman of the Year is open to students in grades five through eight. Richard Miranda and Steve Tsuboi established this award in 2001. It is awarded to both a male and female.

Math Master
A new award that will recognize the following accomplishments:

  • First Graders: Master Addition and Subtraction Facts

  • Second Graders: Master Additional Addition and Subtraction Facts

  • Third Graders: Master Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication (up to 10) and Division Facts.

Proficiency will be measured through accuracy and time.

Club 100
Paul Scott established this award in June 2008 to recognize all the students who are in the upper grade Walking Club, who walked over 100 miles during physical education class.

Sight Word Master
Awarded by the teacher to students who master their grade level site words.