It is a privilege to be a student-athlete at Sunnyside Union Elementary. Therefore it is essential that student-athletes at all times exemplify sportsmanship and strong character. The following code of conduct is to be adhered to:

  1. Any player who participates in a physical or verbal altercation. (Minimum: Suspension for one game – Maximum: Possible removal from team.)

  2. Players must maintain a “C” average in all core academic areas. Grades will be checked at parent conferences and at the end of each trimester. If a student receives an “F” in a core academic area, during parent conferences or on their report card, they shall be removed from the team.

  3. Players must display good sportsmanship and citizenship at all times. (One game suspension).

  4. All school issued uniforms and gear must be returned within one week of completion of sport. (Charge for damage or loss).

  5. Players must attend practice. (Missed practice may result in one game suspension).