Thank you to all of the parents and staff who have made the new Pick Up - Drop Off area a success. We appreciate the parents for being patient as we work out the glitches in our system. It has allowed us to improve the safety of the pick up and drop off of students by getting traffic off of Avenue 196. At this time almost all students being picked up are off campus within approximately ten minutes! We ask that you continue to work with us and be cautious as you enter and exit the area. Be aware of pedestrians. 

Reminder... If your child is not picked up in a timely manner (roughly 15 minutes after dismissal) they will be waiting for you in the school office. You will need to park (any where in the lot) and go to the office to pick them up. Also, PLEASE do not drop off or pick up students in the front of the school. It is unsafe to lift students over the fence. 

Thank you to all staff that has helped out and volunteered in the whole process. The district appreciates your willingness to make Sunnyside safe. 

A safer dropoff and pickup process was highly requested in surveys and through the work of you all it is becoming a reality. Let us know if you have any suggestions.